Sung by: Dr. Blowhole with lobsters and in the end Private and Kowalski

Only I, Dr. Blowhole, know
How to tame this beast and so
Won't you listen to my power ballad solo
My solo

In a world of mediocre minds
Where genius is dissed by ignoramus mankind
Prepare to be pleasantly astounded
Astounded, oh

I wanna control you (Lobsters: Want to control you, oooh)
I want to make you mine
I wanna cajole you (Lobsters: Want to cajole you, oooh)
An offer that I hope you shan't decline

I've got an ocean of devotion
And you're the one for me

A mutant disaster
Well I'll be your master
And together we'll be
In wonderful wicked harmony

Like a beautiful EVIL
Livin' large
In absolute charge
Of metropolitan NYC

I've got an ocean of devotion
And you're the one for me
You're the one for me, oooh

Private: It's the lilt of an angel's choir.
Kowalski: I sense events taking a turn for the dire.


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