Pineapple is a character from All Hail King Julien. He is the leader of Frank-Ri La and a close friend of King Julien.


In Pineapple Of My Eye, Masakura needs a break, but King Julien needs counsel to make good decisions. As a solution, Masakura grabs a pineapple from Wille, and tells the king that it has all the knowledge of the previous King Juliens. Masakura then leaves. King Julien nnames the pineapple Piney, and keeps Piney close for the rest of the day. When his friends are in danger, Julien has to sacrifice Piney to save them.

In Eye of the Clover, Clover meets Pineapple when she's been knocked out. He explains where she is and he shows her Grandma Rose's spirit, who gives her pep talk to have her continue the fight. Pineapple says he has good money on this fight and some zucchinis are threatening to beat him if he loses.


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