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  • Phil and Mason both know how to play checkers. Phil used checkmate in checkers and Mason says that there isn't any checkmate in this game.
  • Phil can swear through his sign language, which we can't see or understand. Mason was once shocked at this and said, "Do you groom your mother with those hands?"
  • In Truth Ache, it is revealed that he cheats at chess.
  • Fell for a chimpanzee named Lulu, in Monkey Love.
  • It is unknown whether Phil is truly mute, or if he simply chooses to use sign language, possibly as part of a simian language project, evidenced by his ability to read.
  • In Madagascar Phil used to be the same shade as Mason, now he is a light brown instead of dark (this could be so audience can tell them apart).
  • Its use of sign language, can be a reference to the chimps that are being educated by science to use sign language to study its inteligence, this can also be reason why he can read.
  • He's the complete opposite of Mason (Mason is a neat-freak, Phil is a slob, Mason can talk, Phil can't or or can he, Phil loves playing basketball, and Mason enjoys tea.
  • Phil does share qualities with Mason (They both enjoy peace and quiet, they hate "congaga" with Julien, they love flinging poo, and like the other despise the Vesuvius Twins).
  • He makes a brief appearance in the 2013 film, "Turbo" where he appears on a newspaper titled "Monkey Madness".

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He shares the same name with the rugrats character Phillip Richard bill deville.

Despite their appearances the Phil from the rugrats does speak but the Phil from POM doesn't.

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