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Move: Cork Screw

Episode: Crown Fools
Performer: Skipper
How it's used?: Skipper jumps into the air and spirals downward like a cork

Move: Attack Stack

Episode: Various
Performer: All four
How it's used?: The penguins stand on each other's heads in order to reach
                higher targets. A variation (Penguin Totem Pole) was used as

Move: Omega Boom

Episode: Rock-a-bye Birdie
Performer: Skipper
How it's used?: Skipper ricochets off of several surfaces (lamp posts,
rocks, etc.), jumps in the air and performs a superpowered downwards
flying kick, resulting in an explosion.

Move: Quantum Hypercute

Episode: Cute-Astrophe, Littlefoot, High Moltage (as Quantum Hyperugly (see
Performer: Private
How it's used?: It occurs when Private reaches his maximum adorability

Move: Flipper Chop

Episode: Various
Preformer: All four
How it's used?: The penguins sneak up behind unsuspecting humans that are
in the way of their certain objectives and karate chop them in the back
of the neck which leaves the humans unconscious.

Move: Belly Slide

Episode: Various
Perfomer: All four
How it's used?:  Just like real penguins, they slide on their bellies,
except normally penguins can only do this on ice.

Move: Quantum Hyperugly

Episode: High Moltage
Performer: Private
How it's used?: If Private tries to activate the Quantum Hypercute when his
feathers are molting, the Hypercute will go ugly.

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