• The film take place right after the events of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.
    • The TV Series with the same name takes place in a separate continuity, better yet a parallel universe. Therefore, the TV series is non-canon.
    • This is also technically the fourth Madagascar film, since it takes place after the third film.
  • This is the only Madagascar installment where John DiMaggio doesn't voice Rico.
  • This is the second film to begin the movie with a prequel. The first being Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.
  • In this film, Private is 10 years old, like Marty in the first film.
  • This is the last film made by PDI before it got shut down in 2015.
  • Dave has a purple Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter
  • Dave's submarine resembles an octopus as it moves through the water.
  • Running gag: Skipper keeps forgetting Dave's name.
  • Apparently, The North Wind has had it's computer system hacked into before. The villains that hacked into their system before also had trouble with the microphone and video-feed as short fuse comments that, "every-time a villain calls in this happens."
  • Even though this film isn't canon to the TV series, Rico's ability to choke things up has finally been escalated to the levels seen in the series, and he has grown a similar mohawk, suggesting the writers had his abilities in mind.
  • This is the only Madagascar film not scored by Han Zimmer, as it is instead scored by Lorne Balfe, who previously composed some additional music for the previous two film.
    • Thus, it is also Lorne Balfe's first solo score in a DreamWorks Animation film.

Movie Mistakes

  • After Rico is swallowed the egg form of Private, Rico and the rest of the penguins fell to the iceberg then the egg form of Private is outside.

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