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Penguins of Madagascar is a computer-animated  adventure comedy film directed and produced by DreamWorks Animation, distributed by 20th Century Fox. Based on related TV series The Penguins of Madagascar, the film was released on November 26th, 2014.


Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private are brought into the services of the North Wind, an Arctic elite undercover inter-species task force that is dedicated to helping animals who can't help themselves. The Penguins must work with the North Wind led by Classified in order to prevent Dr. Octavius Brine from taking over the world.


The scene takes place in Antarctica. Multiple penguins are walking somewhere childlike versions of Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico are wondering where they are even going. The penguins say they don't know or care an egg goes by Skipper ask the penguins to go get it but the peinguins deny saying they lose some eggs every year and it's nature. So Skipper goes against nature and goes after the egg which safely on a boat... full of Leopard Seals. Rico eats the egg and managed to fool the seals into releasing the harpoon and sending them headed for a drifting ice berg they high five each other and they high five the egg causing it to crack and open revealing a young Private. Private ask if the trio are his family. They all nod but Kowalski coldly tells him that he doesn't have a family they will die, Skipper stops Kowalski and tells Private that they are his family when they're together. The iceberg drifts away to where adventure will lead them.

The scene goes over to where Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted left off where the penguins (except for Private) have grown annoyed with Marty's Afro Circus song along with King Julien's song I Like to Move It, Move It and plan to take a break from the circus by leaving to the United States gold depository to celebrate a 10 year old private's birthday. Private tries to tell Skipper something but Skipper (who still sees Private as his little brother) cannot take him seriously. After they infiltrate the building, Skipper asks Private what he would in the world. Private responds by saying he would be a meaningful and valued member of the team but Skipper says they got him something else which is a vending machine that vends Cheesy Dibbles. When Private tries to get a bag the vending machine pulls him in. The penguins become aware of this and try to get him out but tentacles sprout out and kidnapped them. The Vending machine sprouts more tentacles and literally burst out the building and is carried from a helicopter to a sub.

The penguins escape the cage via Rico's paperclip. Spipper calls him a meaningful and valued member of the team which disappoints Private. On the level Private pushes many buttons which causes them to move down levels. They are later encountered by a human who strangely knows their names. Skipper ask who he is he responds by saying he is Doctor Octavirus Brine but he is really an octopus named Dave a name none of the penguins remember. Dave explains saying that he used to be a star attraction (before Alex came in) until the penguins arrived. Dave was moved to another town from time to time until he strikes revenge against penguins. He shows a substance he created and orders his octapi men to attack the penguins. The penguins managed to steal the substance and escape. They go on a canoe while the octapi follow and steal another boat after a humorous chase and skipper being blinded twice the octapi corners the penguins.

Luckily an owl takes out one octopus a seal uses a grenade to take out another and a Polar Bear takes out another via tazing. Skipper ask what the heck is going on. A jet appears and a wolf appears saying they are now under the protection of the North Wind inside the jet Skipper demands answer on who the heck they are. The wolf says that the North Wind is an elite undercover force devoted to helping animals who can't help themselves. They introduce themselves as Eva, Short Fuse, and Corporal. Although Skipper believes that Classified's real name is Classified. Skipper introduces his team Kowalski (who appears to be clearly interested in Eva) Rico (who pecks Short Fuse's chair) and Private the secretary/mascot. The North Wind returns to their headquarters.

Skipper is impressed at their meeting room. Classified wants the penguins to tell him everything they know about Dave. Skipper tells him that Dave is an octopus (the North Wind originally thought it was a sheep) Classified tells Skipper about the substance that's called the Medusa Serum. Skipper tells them that they managed to steal his serum much to Classified shock. Dave soon calls the North Wind. Classified lies to Dave saying that he caught the Medusa Serum but Dave reveals that he has a large tank of it and also reveals that he wants to use it on all of the penguins. The 2 groups prepare themselves for a mission but the penguins hijack their weapons so Classified tranquilizes them. He orders Corporal to send them to their remote safe island.

The penguins wake up in a cargo plane to Madagascar. Skipper and Kowalski realize what's happening and escape the plane. After crashing to the ground they begin to wonder where Dave will strike next. Meanwhile in Rio Dave kidnaps more penguins and leaves just as the North Wind arrive. Corporal begins to have his stress eating again while Eva picks up the the penguins never arrive to Madagascar Classified begins to wonder where are they.

The penguins arrive at Shanghai and figure out where Dave will strike next. In a zoo the penguins make Private disguise himself as a mermaid. Dave comes in disguised as a diver. The penguins managed to divert him to the dinosaur exhibit where the North Wind arrive and see Dave only for him to be captured by Kowalski. Classified wants his prisoner still only to find that Dave escaped into the pipes. Dave successfully captures the mermaid penguins along with Private. Dave escapes to his submarine the penguins desperate to catch Private steals the North Wind's jet. The North Wind wants to catch it back but there interference makes things worse when the Jet explodes. The Penguins are forced to be tied adrift from the North Winds boat. It turns out the North Wind has been tracking Private from his tranquilizer dart and finds the land Dave resided his sub in.

On the island the penguins held captive are forced to see Dave's plot using the Medusa serum to mutate them into hideous monsters shown when he tests it on a cricket in hos ship. Private accidentally blows his cover when he shouts Crikey prompting Dave to use him as his next victim. The penguins and North Wind come up with a plan. The penguins suggest punching Dave until he gives while the North Wind uses battle suits to stop Dave. The penguins don't agree to Dave's plan but Skipper seeing no other alternative decides to vote for their plan the penguins create a distraction while the North Wind Sneaks on the sub. Unfortunately they are easily captured as soon as they reach Dave. After the penguins escape the octopi, they put on a firework show believing the sub exploded. Unfortunately it was a mistake after they realize the sub did not explode and the octopi find and capture them.

Dave reveals that he will use Private as another Test subject. The penguins try to get him out as soon as he could but it was too late when the activates and Private's gone. Believing he's dead the penguins are depressed while Dave decides to use the normal setting for the others. It turns out Private escaped the ray with Rico's paperclip. First he goes after the North Wind who are about to be subcombed to a torture device. After seeing Classified freak out that they are dead before seeing that Private pushed a button. Private wants to go save the other penguins but North Wind wants to go to their base and get new gear along with a new plan. Private tells him that no man should be left behind. Classified harshly say that they are not penguins but Private says they should be and slides away.

Unfortunately he is too late when the penguins are mutated. Dave unleashes the mutated Penguins on Manhattan while the exterminators arrive. Private finds a mutated Skipper and tries to talk to him. Skipper finally remembers and hugs Private. They see Kowalski knocking down a trash can. Private tells him that Eva is worried about him this makes Kowalski snap out almost instantly and he hugs Private too. Skipper finds Rico but decides not to talk as Rico's destructive demeanor is still the same even before he was mutated. Rico hugs Private and the brothers set out to save the peinguins they find Dave's ray and Private believes that they can reverse the ray.

But Kowalski says that they need to replace the ray with something extremely cute. They see Private hooking himself up the ray but Skipper says he doesn't know what the ray will do to him but after seeing the shoot a random penguin they know what's going on. But seeing Private sprout a butthand they all urge him to get out but Private knowing he is the last hope doesn't want too knowing it has to be him. The penguins decide to respect his decision. Dave decides since he already got his revenge he decides to move on to kittens after seeing the penguins with his ray he has his octopi capture them. The Penguins using Dave's snow globe collection to amplify and mirror the blast Skipper activates the ray but the batteries are dead and the battle resumes. Rico is sent to go find batteries while they take on the Octopi. Rico finds batteries but finds Cheesy Dibbles and gets distracted. The penguins realize they cannot hold them off much longer, luckily the North Wind show up in an ice Cream van which explodes upon impact on Dave's ship. The North Wind walk away from the explosions before being sucked up by an exterminators vehicle which prompt Short Fuse to realize why you look back during an explosion. Dave fires himself at the cannon and throws Kowalski at the exterminator's vehicle. Dave tells Skipper he's lost but Skipper points out that Rico (using his bat wings) is tossing him double AAs. Skipper puts the Batteries inside but Dave tosses him and Rico at the exterminators vehicle before going after Private. Private uses his butt hand to punch Dave away. Skipper uses a dibble to aim for the button he succeeds before being sucked in, activating the ray and curing the penguins.

However, Private is overwhelmed by a blast mutates rapidly before a chrysalis forms around him. Corporal manages to get him out and suddenly it haches turning Private magenta purple with spots and antlers. The group shares a hug. Skipper tells Private that looks don't matter it's what you do that counts and sees all of the penguins embracing each other. They all cheer and make a heart-shaped hand sign for Private. It turns out Dave who had taken most of the effect on the ray has shrunk and somehow became trapped in a snow globe. The penguins give him to to a little girl who shakes him up and down. Classified apologizes for his speciesist attitude towards the penguins and wants to make it up. Eva says that she and Kowalski should kiss. After a romantic moment Private suggest jetpacks which everyone agrees on. The penguins are seen flying back to the circus, and it is implied they are now members of the North Wind.

In the epilogue Private asks Skipper if he will turn him normal and Skipper agrees. Using Mort as the source for the machine. They turn Private normal again. Mort doesn't suffer any changes until he eats King Julien.



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