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Private: The whole world's gone topsy-turvy.
Skipper: So it's up to us to make turvy topsy again.
Private: I'm not sure that's possible, Skipper.

Skipper: Kowalski, what did you said earlier?
Kowalski: Um... This stinks?
Skipper: Before that.
Kowalski: Mama, I made boom-boom?
Skipper: Too far back.

Kowalski: If by some statistically remote chance you do win, the rewards will
          be glory and respect.
Private: And a little swagger in your step!
Julien: These prizes sound cheap. As your king, I already own glory and 
        respect. Don't I?
Maurice: Glorify!
Mort: Respectify!
Julien: See? But not a TV. Yes! Long have I wanted a box with tiny shouting 
        people inside.

Julien: When I win, this hi-fi will be my-fi.
Skipper: We'll see about that. Actions speak louder than words.
Julien: [Speaking through megaphone] And this speaks louder than actions!

Julien: Those silly-billy penguins cannot be beating me. It is unpossible.
Skipper: Think again, lemur. The unpossible just became possible.

Julien: Are you a penguin or a chicken? This calls for harsh mocking. 
[clucking like a chicken] Mock! Mock! Mock-mock-mock!

Skipper: Lemur! One last game. All or nothing.
Julien: But I have the all and you have the nothing. So, how does that work?
Skipper: Kowalski, options.
Kowalski: Sorry, Skipper. We lost my options clipboard two nights ago.
Julien: Righty-o. Maurice, options.
Maurice: They could swear their undying loyalty to you.
Julien: Groveling, obeying, and combing the knots out of my tail?
Maurice: That'd be the idea.
Julien: Ooh, I likey!
Skipper: We accept those terms.

Skipper: We demand a rematch.
Julien: [Watching TV] Shh. Dan from San Diego is going for the $15,000. 
        Foolishly, if you ask me.
Skipper: Now.
Julien: Loser says what?
Skipper: Now!

[Julien is watching the TV he won from the penguins]
TV Announcer: Did you pay too much for auto insurance?
Julien: It is very possible. Tell me more.
[the signal goes to static; Julien turns to Mort, who is on top of the set, 
holding the antenna]
Julien: Mort, no slacking! How am I to know if I have auto-paid too much?

Skipper: All right, you win. But now you're gonna lose.

Julien: I like winning. It suits me. Like losing suits them. The loser 

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