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Pam is a character from All Hail King Julien.


Pam was a judge for a kingdom contest while Mort posed as King Julien because he, as the king, was required to show Pam around. Pam later convinced Mort to marry her by telling him that a queen was needed to win the contest, but Clover later exposed Pam as a bigamist who would marry royals, steal from them and run off. At the same time, she was confronted by each of her "husbands," who had recently found out the truth as well. The only one she actually cared about was Hans, since he apparently knew how to treat a lady.


Pam is very confident and loud-mouthed, but can be a smooth talker if in a calm mood. She'll sometimes laugh loudly and triumphantly if she gets her way at someone else's expense, and she is a cleptomaniac, stealing from kingdoms and running off.