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Nickelodeon March 2011 Highlights
Tuesday, 18 January 2011, 3:57 pm
Press Release: Nickelodeon


The Penguins of Madagascar Weekdays from Monday February 28 at 5pm till Friday March 25 On a mission without permission! The birds are back in March in an action-packed month full of wishes, relocations, practical jokes, upgrades and training exercises. Don’t miss 20 brand new episodes of your favourite black and white pals.

The Penguins of Madagascar tells the story of a group of penguins who believes it leads an elite strike force from its Central Park Zoo headquarters. The series features the all-new adventures of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, four penguins who rule the roost at their Central Park Zoo home with their top-tier commando skills. Their orderly world is disrupted by the arrival of the lemurs, who are led by the imperially deluded King Julien. While the brothers have their flippers full keeping their multi-species zoo neighbourhood happy, at times their secret missions beckon them to venture out onto the busy streets of New York City.

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