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Episode based

  • Kowalski probably suspected Private because:
    • In all of Kowalski's drawings, Private is presented as the sleeper agent.
    • He shouts "What about Private! It's always the least obvious one!"
  • While pretending to be the Red Squirrel, Kowalski does the best job imitating the squirrel's accent. It should be noted that both characters are voiced by Jeff Bennett.
  • According to Private, the White Widow is hiding out in Newfakeplacesberg.
  • This marks the third appearance of both special agent Buck Rockgut and The Red Squirrel.
  • It is shown that Skipper is not very trusting when it comes to Kowalski since he was the penguin Skipper mistook for the Sleeper Agent. ("It's you Kowalski! I always knew it was you!")
  • The Penguins admit to Rockgut that they lied about Grrfurjiclestan and are deeply sorry.
  • The Red Squirrel is captured.
  • When Private says the one who sent them the computer thought they were collectors, Skipper claims he only collects the tears  of his enemies and thimbles representing America's national parks, he is only missing Yellowstone.
  • Rockgut mentions Penguin Enemy Number Two: White Widow, The Albino Spider Monkey
  • When Rico was jumping on the organ, it sounded a little like "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"
  • Mort still has the phone from Friend-in-a-Box.
  • The penguins still have the shrink ray from Jiggles.
  • Bada and Bing made cameo appearances.
  • Skipper thinks baseball is the symbol of America.
  • A camel who looks very similar to Nick is seen.
  • This the third episode where Skipper wears an eyepatch and does impersonations: second was Rat Fink, first was Mr. Tux.
  • Red doesn't like baseball.
  • The name of the minor league baseball team from Brooklyn is called the "Brooklyn Buccaneers," and their mascot is a monkey with a pirate costume. There is a minor league baseball team in Brooklyn, New York, but they're the "Cyclones" instead of the "Buccaneers."
  • Running Gag(s): The penguins think one of them is a sleeper agent. The penguins get sabotaged.
  • Antagonist(s): The Red Squirrel, Buck Rockgut until the climax

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

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