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Our Man in Grrfuljicklestan Title

Scene I: Penguin Habitat, Night time

The penguins are all outside. Skipper is looking through binoculars at a box connected to a parachute heading towards their habitat. Kowalski holding a radar box and as he talks the beeps get faster.

Skipper: (On binoculars looking at a box connected to a parachute): Tell me what I'm looking at Kowalski.
Kowalski: Radar picked it up at 2,000 feet. It appears to be an airborne drop parcel.
Skipper: Estimated touchdown.
Kowalski: In less time than it will make me to complete this sent-- (The parcel drops on him)
Skipper: Anyone order a package drop?
Private: Not me.
Rico: No.
Skipper: (Walks toward the parcel that is still on Kowalski) Then we'll have to assume this box will pour deadly peril the second it's open (Thinks and gets an idea.)

Scene II: Lemur Habitat, Night time

In the Lemur Habitat, Julien is being fanned by Maurice when the penguins toss a box into the Lemur Habitat.

King Julien: Ohhh! A cardboard package box (Jumps from his throne). Quick! Who will open it first?!
Mort: I will!

Mort jumps towards the box but King Julien immediately swipes it with his tail.

King Julien: Handy tip; The answer to every trick question is me.

King Julien then jumps to his throne and opens the box and uncovers a watch then Skipper drops down from a rope and takes it.

Skipper: The grateful nation thanks you.
Maurice: Hey!
King Julien: My thingie I just got!
Mort: Penguins!
Skipper: Well, you can keep the box.
Maurice: But what are we supposed to do with a junky cardboard box?

King Julien drew eyes and teeth on the box's cover.

King Julien: His name, is 'Card-baurice' and he's the sacred protector from all that would annoy me. (Puts the box in front of Mort.)
Mort: Ohhh! How does he do that?

King Julien kicks the box which traps Mort inside.

King Julien: Chomp!

Scene III: Penguin HQ

Kowalski: A wristwatch video phone! Classic old-school spy technology. But why would someone send it to us?
Private: They're saying we're collectors!
Skipper: Private! The only thing I collect are the tears of my fallen enemies (Pulls out a case of 23 thimbles with one missing). And the tiny thimbles that showcase America's national parks, I can almost taste Yellowstone

Buck Rockgut appears on the watch on a snowy place wearing goggles, a scarf, and earmuffs.

Buck Rockgut: Suck-in news you dandy dumplings! Officer on deck!

coming soon.

Scene IV: The Zoo

coming soon

Scene V: Penguin Garage

coming soon

Scene VI: Penguin Habitat

coming soon

Scene VII: Penguin HQ

coming soon

Scene VIII: Baseball Stadium Announcer's Booth

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