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Julien: Did you hear that Maurice. The penguins said that they're going to 
        Marlene's new boyfriend.
Maurice: Uh, good for her.
Julien: No not good for her, she already has one.
Maurice: She does?
Julien: Yes you silly. It's me.
Maurice: You. Let me guess, Marlene doesn't know that she's your boyfriend, 
Julien: Well I have beening to mentioned it to her. But I see now that I must 
        step up my wooing.

Mort: I'm a distraction! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

(The penguins and Marlene went in the Reptile House and gasped.)
Kowalski: Einstein's mullet!
(Private and Marlene gasp and they see Fred, standing there with his stick and
Julien on the ground twitching, hurt.)
Skipper: What in the name of all that is decent and good have you done to 
Fred: Nothing. He did it to himself.
Julien: Ugh. Sadly, this is true. You win, Freddy Squirrel! You have the paw
         of the lovely Marlene. (collapses)
Marlene: Y-you guys were fighting over me? Julien, I'm not some prize!
Julien: Yes. Now that I look you over especially from this unflattering angle.
        (which is when in his view Marlene looks at him crossly) I have decided
        you are right. You are no prize.
Marlene: (confused) Wait, wait, w-what?

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