Episode based

  • This is the third appearance of The Penguin One after Operation: Big Blue Marble and Launchtime
  • This is the fifth appearance of the space squids.
  • Kowalski has been tasked with monitoring the Lemurs,
  • Rico has been tasked with monitoring Marlene.

Foul Ups, Bloops and Blunders

  • In reality, a human (or penguin, in this case) would've died instantaneously if their bare skin was exposed to the vacuum of space as of the lack of oxygen, solar radiation of UV rays and the extreme cold, which would require a suit to protect oneself from the void of space
  • Also, when Rico hacked up a chainsaw, the penguins opened the door and dumped it out into space. If this happened in real life, they would be sucked into space along with the pressurized oxygen
  • In space, there is no oxygen or any matter to transmit sound waves, so how can Skipper and Private be able to hear each other if they had no radios or didn't have their helmets touching?

Behind the Scenes

DVD Releases


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