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Julien: Maurice, there are Morts here, there and everywhere! I must be dreaming!
        The most horrible dream inside my head! Quick, pinch me! Now bite me!
        Now slap my face and spank my right buttock!

Marlene: What's up with all the commotion?
Skipper: Unknown. I'm still waiting for my away team to report before declaring 
         def-con red.
Marlene: Uh-huh. Real quick: What exactly is a def-con red?
Skipper: Classified. Just hope you never live to see one, sister.

[Popping sounds are coming from a crate]
Skipper: Evasive action. We have enemy movement.
Private: Skipper, we're taking fire!
Skipper: We're also giving some. Right, Rico?
[Rico spits out a flame thrower and aims it at crate]
Skipper: Steady, boys. Get ready to toast this marshmallow!
[Crate opens to reveal Julien with a popcorn container]
Julien: Ha ha! Popcorn anyone? It's fresh.
Private: Julien?
Kowalski: How did he get here?
Julien: I mailed myself super platinum premier overnight express. This is how a 
        king is to be rolling.

[the penguins are inside a box mailed to the plush factory]
Skipper: Kowalski, report.
Kowalski: It's dark.
Skipper: I concur. Rico, weapons check.
[Sound of Rico regurgitating several items]
Skipper: Outstanding! Private, sound off.
Private: Uh... Are we there yet?
Skipper: Not yet, Private. Wait for it... Wait for it... Aaand... Move out, now!
[They storm out; they are still at the mailbox]
Skipper: Right. Back in the box.

Julien: Now, who has the honor of carrying my luggage?
Skipper: Rico, stamp his royal highness "return to sender."
[Rico wraps Julien in bubble wrap]
Julien: Okay, you win. Forget the luggage.

Skipper: [On a conveyor belt] Kowalski, hit the kill switch!
[Kowalski pushes a button; a smashing device is activated]
Skipper: Kill the hit switch!
[Gets hit by device]
Skipper: [Dazed] Switch the kill hit!

Mason: Right, on to new business. Please refrain from yanking the hats off 
       visitors when they stroll past your habitats. There are legal issues,
       and more importantly, it's just plain rude. [Phil signs] Well, of 
       course we can still fling poo at them. That's tradition.

Julien: What have I done, Maurice? I already miss having that annoying Mort
        around so that I can hate him.

Julien: No need to drop to your knees to thank and worship me.

Marlene: [about a stack of Private plush dolls] Check it out. Looks like the
         zoo has a new best seller.
Skipper: Well, will you look at that. Kudos, Private.
[Slaps Private on the back; he falls over, revealing that he's actually a 
plush doll]
Skipper: Private? Private?
Private: [Back at the factory, running on the conveyor belt] Hello? Anybody?

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