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Alice: Are you questioning the computer? The same one that spits out our paychecks?
Zookeeper: Excellent point.

(the bunnies are cuddling Julien's feet as Mort watches.)
Mort: Why do they get to touch the royal feet?
Julien: Eh, because Mort, they have soft, furry paws.
Mort: But I have soft, furry paws too!
Julien: Yes, but they are also cute and adorable.
Mort: But I'm cute and adorable too!
Julien: Mmm, yeah, I'm just gonna bottom line this for you: They're not you.
Mort: Stupid bunnies!

Rico: Ooh! Bun-nies.

Julien: When I say hop...
Kowalski: They say, "how high?"
Julien: No, maximum height is a given! Hop, Fluffy! (Fluffy hops really high then comes back down) See? Mad hops.

Julien: (rocking on) Who is your baby? King Julien is your baby. Bab-ba-bab-ba-baby! BABBBBBBBBBYYYYYY!!!!

Skipper: Gentlemen, if I'm known for one thing, it's my patience.
Private: Actually, Skipper, I...
Skipper: (getting close to his face) Patience! I'm known for my saintlike patience! But this time, those ringtails have pushed me too far!

Skipper: This calls for measures. The drasticer the better-er.

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