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Kowalski: Let's see, Monday - ask to turn music down nicely.
(the scene is changed to Monday)
Skipper: BE QUIET!
Julien: Oh, this is New York! The city that never sleeps!
(scene changes to the present)
Kowalski: Tuesday - gave dirty looks.
(scene changes to Tuesday)
(Skipper, Kowalski and Rico watching them dance angrily with their arms crossed. Private is seen watching them dance happily. Then Kowalski elbows him. Then Private pretended to have a dirty look)
(scene changes to the present)
Kowalski: Wednesday: blasted penguin mating calls full volume.
(scene changes to Wednesday) (cut to Kowalski holding up a loudspeaker which penguin mating calls are coming from. They are all but drowned out by the lemur's music)
(scene changes to the present)
Kowalski: No effect... at least, not on the lemurs...
Rico: (nudges Kowalski) How you doin'...

Skipper: Know this Private; I may be operating on short-sleep rations, but I have one watery, bloodshot, highly trained eye on you! Understood?!
Private: Aye, verily...
Skipper: And one more thing! I have one watery bloodshot highly trained eye on you! Understood?!

Private: How about "You're just leather-jerkin, crystal-button, agate-ring, puke-stocking, caddis-garter, Spanish pouches"!
(everyone stares at Private)
Mort: (crying) It's True! It's True! (happily) I think.

Actor: What kind of play is this?!
(Actor runs off the stage crazily)
King Julien: What?!
Private: Hi guys!
Skipper: (angrily) You, Traitor!
(the knight suit with Skipper, Kowalski and Rico in it slipped on a few barrels. The sword flew to Private and the screen was white. After that, Kowalski and Rico jumped out. Skipper jumped out to but pushed Rico and Kowalski and kneeled close to Private who was wtih a sword through his chest)
Skipper: (staring at Private with a sword through his chest) What have I done? What have I DONE?! (falls asleep snoring, then wakes again) WHAT HAVE I DONE?!
Julien: (whispers to Maurice.) He definitely needs a nap. (Maurice looks worried)
Skipper: Forgive me Private.
Private: (wakes up) I forgive you Skipper. It's not your fault you can't sleep.
Skipper: (happily) Private! (confused) Aren't you suppose to be with Manfredi and Johnson. You know. One up there and one down there?
Private: It's make believe. (puts the fake sword up and down) See, harmless.
The lemurs and the penguins: Yey!
Mort: (his hat smoked black) No it isn't! (falls down).

Private: (Happily) I can still catch up the show.

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