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Big Blue Marble

Scene I: Penguin Habitat

Scene II: Zoo

Scene III: Sky/Space

A blue bubble leaves the volcano, it climbs through the sky and enters space, where it is digested by a larger bubble, which is floating over Earth

Scene IV: Penguin Habitat

Scene V: Lemur Habitat

Scene VI: Penguin Habitat

Scene VII: Penguin Habitat/Space

Kowalski is preparing Private with his armored suit & a Roman candle, which it's fuse is lit

Kowalski: This Roman candle should be able to get you to the upper atmosphere.

Private: Is this really safe, Kowalski?

The ignited Roman candle shoots Private into the sky while Kowalski is still pondering about safe, then, it goes to the Penguins at a computer with a video on one screen connected to a camera on Private's suit

Skipper: (to Rico) My hunch, this is Dr. Blowhole's revenge for all his previously foiled revenges, Private will find some dolphin-made-designed weather controlling satellite, we'll take it out...

Rico mumbles an explosion

Skipper: Right, Mission Accomplished.

Kowalski: Private should break cloud cover any moment.

Private is flying out of the Earth's atmosphere into space, Private looks up & gasps in terror as he hovers above the atmosphere

Private: Kowalski, are you seeing this?

Kowalski is tapping on the screen of a computer that is Private's camera, which is all fuzzy

Kowalski: Not getting a clear picture, what is it

It goes back to space and the camera revolves around Private to show a giant blue bubble of gas, waves of energy break out on it's surface

Private: I'm not sure, but I know it is definitely not a satellite.

Private's Roman candle then coughs and dies, Private looks down

Private: Oh dear.

Private then begins plummeting to his death

Scene VIII: Zoo

Scene IX: Penguin Habitat

Scene X: Lemur Habitat/Penguin Habitat

Scene XI: Space/Sky/Penguin One

Scene XII: Inside the bubble/Penguin One

Scene XIII: Space/Penguin One

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