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Kowalski: All leopard seals start out with a non penguin diet: fish, krill, your basic smaller squids.
Hunter: I love squid! It's like gummy seafood.
Kowalski: But once they grow out of the pup years, even the most strict "fishiterean" seal turns into a... Well I'll just let the hand puppet illustrate this one.
(pulls out two sock puppets, that resemble a penguin and a leopard seal)
Kowalski: (imitating Private) Oh-ho! Hello, Miss Leopard Seal. I hear you only eat fish. (imitating Hunter, in a deep voice) No more, sucker! (uses the seal puppet to eat the penguin puppet)
Private: What? That's just silly talk!
Hunter: Hey! Don't know me, can't judge me.
Kowalski: (still doing the eating; imitating Hunter) Mmm, lean. (resumes the eating)
Hunter: I don't even sound like that.
Kowalski: (imitating Private) Oh, oh please! (continues the eating which makes Hunter mad)
Hunter: Would you get that puppet out of my face?! (bites the penguins head puppet)
Kowalski: AHHHHHH!! (dives in the pillow fortress and he, Skipper, and Rico tremble in fear, Hunter realizes and spits the head out.)
Hunter: Yikes. So, that was weird, right? (does a playful growl, then laughs)

  • Hunter's Dad: I have some squid in the freezer...and by freezer I mean our front porch. Oh I hate Antarctica!
  • Skipper: boys we're going to...dramatic pause...Antarctica!

Skipper: (seeing Hunter's father sliding nearby, attempting to eat him) NO, BIG DADDY!

Julien: (spinning the penguins' submarine) Do a barrel roll!

Skipper: Fire up the submarine. We're going to -dramatic pause- ... (zoom in on his face) Antarctica.

Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico: (yelling) PRIVATE!

Kowalski: (after the submarine sinks) How long can Julien hold his breath?
Julien: Hold it until what? (Skipper face palms)
Kowalski: (mumbling while calculating) Oh, it's impossible! He would have to swim at forty-five knots, roughly the speed of a fired torpedo.
Skipper: (intrigued) Really? Deploy handsome vampire.

Julien: (hiding in the penguins' submarine and laying like a vampire) Bleah. Hello. Do you like my secret royal nappy tube. It's dark and quiet and it makes me feel like a... (Transylvania accent) handsome vampire. Bleah.

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