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Operation Code Names

  • N/A

Rico Regurgitates

  • Wrench -- Used to swordfight with Cecil, who had a crowbar.
  • No Leopard Seal Sign -- To tell the leopard seal pup, Hunter, to stay away from Rico, Skipper, and Kowalski.
  • Cinder Block -- Used by Rico to clear the path of a leopard seal on a ramp.
  • Pillow -- To soften Private's landing after Hunter threw him to safety (He didn't land on it though).

Options (given by Kowalski)

  • N/A

Kowalski's Inventions

  • N/A

King Julien Saves The Day

  • Saved the Penguins -- Since Julien talked to Hunter about her problem, Hunter made a decision to rescue the penguins from being eaten.

Movie References/Parodies

  • Star Fox 64 (1997 Nintendo 64 Game) -- When King Julien grabs the wheel and turns it, he shouts, "Do a barrel roll!" similar to Peppy Hare giving advice to Fox McCloud.
  • Rise of the Valkyries -- The custom horn on the submarine is a few bars from "Rise of the Valkyries."
  • Twilight -- Julien's allusions to being a handsome vampire looking for lady werewolves.
  • 20000 Leagues under the Sea -- The title of the song is a reference to Jules Verne's classic.

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