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Operation Code Names

  • N/A

Rico Regurgitates

  • Telescoping Metal Stick -- So Kowalski could press the evacuation launcher button from a safe distance.
  • Black "cartoon" Bomb -- It was regurgitated after being shocked.
  • Cyborg Arm -- Rico regurgitated it after Leonard mentioned about the penguins turning him into a cyborg.
  • Parachute -- Used so they could land down easily on the ground where Leonard landed.
  • Penguin Sized Clutch with a Coin -- Used to get Leonard out of a newspaper dispenser.
  • Skateboard -- A way to get Leonard home when he was asleep.
  • Slingshot -- Used with a dynamite stick to knock down Leonard who was flying away on a kite.
  • 3 Dynamite Sticks -- (1) Used in defense after he and the other penguins saw Private coming in with Leonard. (2) Used with a slingshot to knock down Leonard who was flying away on a kite. (3) Rico was going to use one to blow up a car when the person inside yelled at them.

Options (given by Kowalski)

  • N/A

Kowalski's Inventions

Name: Emergency Evacuation Launcher
Purpose: To get someone out of the zoo in case of emergency.
Ability: Launches anyone out of the zoo quickly in case of emergency.
Success/Failure: Success (At first it nearly launched Private out of the zoo but

King Julien Saves The Day

  • N/A

Movie References/Parodies

  • Night and Dazed -- Reference to the song "Night and Day."

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