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Episode based

  • This is the first appearance of the Zoo's Doctor, aka the Vet.
  • Skipper has Trypanophobia, which means he fears needles.
  • Kowalski has Dento-phobia, a fear of dentists. Private finds this ironic, since the penguins don't have teeth.
    • It should be noted that all zoo animals are required to have oral checkups, so even though the penguins (and all other birds) don't technically have teeth, Kowalski's fear of dentists is at least somewhat rational.
  • Private has neither Trypanophobia nor Dento-phobia.
  • Kowalski mentions that the zoo has Spider Monkeys and they are very aggressive. The sketch shows them terrorizing humans.
  • Apparently, Phil can gesture obscenities as shown by Mason's reaction to the hand signs that his companion made.
  • When Rico gets his shot, while recovering he rubs his buttocks hard. He seems to enjoy this and then spends some time scooting around the base on his rear end.
  • This is oddly the only time so far that Rico has specifically used the Speak-and-Spell to speak.
  • Julien appears without Maurice and Mort for the first time but made a cameo appearance.
  • Antagonist(s): Alice and The Animal Doctor (Vet).

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