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Short Summary

The penguins are taken to the doctor in order to get shots. But Skipper has an insane fear of needles and goes on the run. Now his team must help him overcome his fear, or Skipper will leave the zoo forever.


Skipper tests the penguins on their reaction time to a "tennis ball machine uprising". During his test run however, Alice drops cages on the penguins and takes them to the animal care building.

Skipper is calm when they arrive, advising the others to "turn and cough, turn and cough" for a routine check-up. However, Skipper's mood rapidly changes when he finds out they will be getting shots. While the doctor takes Private, Kowalski and Rico into another room for their shots, Skipper begins freaking out and trying to escape. Before the doctor can come back for him, Skipper knocks the doctor unconscious and escapes through the window.

The zoo staff realizes that a penguin is missing and puts the zoo on lock down. Skipper convinces the other penguins that the zoo is onto their operation, but eventually lets enough slip to draw the suspicion of Private. Skipper admits that he's afraid to get a shot, but agrees to get one so they can stay in the zoo. The others vow to help him through it. However, it turns out Skipper was lying as he disappears when they turn their backs to him.

Private, Kowalski and Rico all chase Skipper through various habitats, eventually coming to the conclusion that he really doesn't want to get a shot. Realizing that the zookeepers are just looking for penguins with an ankle tag, Private comes up with the idea to simply put on Skipper's ankle tag and get a second shot so Skipper will come back. When Skipper sees what's Private did and explains to Mason and Phil about what's going on, the chimps inform him that Private could get seriously ill (or worse) due to getting two shots in one day. Worrying for Private's safety, Skipper decides to simply suck it up and get the shot he needs. He rushes to the animal care building, and explains to Private what the chimps told him. As Private leaves so Skipper can get his shot, he assures Skipper that he and other penguins won't think any less of him just because he's scared to get a shot. Skipper gets the shot he needs and gets over his fear of needles.

The episode ends as Alice informs the penguins that they have a dentist appointment, and Kowalski freaks out and runs away. Private confusedly states, "But we don't have teeth."


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Airings on channels other than Nickelodeon USA

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