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  • In the movie "Escape 2 Africa", one of the tourist called her one tough cookie, and she responds by saying: "Brownies, troop 416, Yonkers". There really is a girl-scout group called the Brownie Scouts in certain cities of America, but it was never explained if she's a former member of them, a den-mother, or just comparing herself to a literal biscuit. (Possibly all three, as she has great camping skills and is perky despite getting everyone lost in the wild looking for shelter.)
  • Seems very attached to her handbag, as she uses it as a weapon in the first and second movies. She claims she can't survive without it, though her fighting skills prove otherwise.
  • In "Christmas Caper" it is revealed that she does her Christmas shopping last-minute with venders on the streets, and despite such methods she always expects high-quality merchandise.
  • Nana's love for Mr. Chew and enmity with Alex seems to indicate that she is a dog person.
  • It is impossible to beat up a lion in real life, especially if you are of old age like her.

Mr. Chew

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