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Nana is a minor antagonist of Madagascar, the secondary antagonist of A Christmas Caper and the secondary antagonist of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.


In the first film, Nana is an elderly, Russian human female who encounters Alex in Grand Central Station, where she assaults him and hits him, sprays him, throws him, slaps him, and calls him a "bad kitty."

When Alex was trying to reason with the police office in Grand Central, Nana sneaks behind him and kicks him in between the legs, only to be pulled away by some officers.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

She has a larger role in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa as she is the secondary antagonist. She becomes the leader of an army of tourists left stranded by the penguins' schemes. She gets into another fight with Alex, and wins again, although Alex puts up much more of a fight this time. She often hits Alex and loves her handbag. As Nana's fate she is tricked by Alex and Zuba.

At the end of the film, Alex gives Makunga Nana's handbag. When she sees Makunga holding it, she starts kicking him, stepping on his foot, smacking his hand with a ruler, giving him wet willies, burning his arm, and spanking him before taking him away.


Nana seems to be incredibly resistant to injury, as she was able to have a short fight with Alex right after being tugged out of the back of a speeding tour jeep as well as being thrown out of it a second time by the penguins, who reversed over her in the jeep after noticing that she didn't die. However, despite this evident resilience, she is still portrayed as a 'little old lady'; she has a waddling gait and is knocked onto her back when firing a rifle.

A Christmas Caper

Nana also appears in the short film as the woman who buys Private, thinking he was a toy. She then watches a british football game while Mr. Chew battled the penguins.


Defeated by Alex, his friends and family.


You're a bad kitty!

That was beautiful. Now let's eat!

I know you! It's that bad kitty!

Nana can't survive without it.

My handbag! You bad kitty!

How about a nice lion casserole?"

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