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  • Justin Timberlake is the one that suggested recorders use Will-I-Am for Moto Moto.
  • Will-I-Am brought bandmate Fergie in for one of his recordings and convinced recorders to give her a line in the film. She is the hippo that states "is he dancing about a plane crash?" when the zoosters land in Africa.
  • Will-I-Am did many songs for the film in addition to being Moto-Moto.
  • Moto-Moto actually means 'hot fire' in Swahili.
  • Moto-Moto's square figure was designed to contrast Gloria's more round figure. Moto Moto was also given a more brown color, to emphasize the fact that he probably spends more time than Gloria laying around and working on his tan. He is also unshaven, being an African native.
  • Will-I-Am designed his voice for Moto-Moto after Barry White.
  • Moto-Moto is capable of flexing his glutes.

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