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  • King Julien, What Are They?! WHAT ARE THEY!!?
  • They Are Savages! (Grabs On King Julien's Foot) Tonight We Die.
  • I Like Them, I Like Them, I Like Then First Before I Even I Met Them I Liked Them,You Hate Them Compared To How Much I Like Them.
  • I'm Steak! Me Me Me Me Me.
  • He's Going Savage.

Merry Madagascar

  • Woo hoo! That's the greatest speech I've ever- (before passing out)
  • A coconut! Thank you King Julien! (after receiving his present from King Julien)

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

  • I'm coming, King Julien! (upon landing on Africa)
  • Bad fishy, bad fishy, bad sharky! (shark attacking Mort)
  • Oh, it's you! I've found you! (when finding King Julien on the volcano)

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

  • My tummy is speaking to me! (after he, King Julien and Maurice burst out of Alex's birthday cake, he then throws up the cake he ate)
  • No more pictures! (when being chased by Dubois)
  • La la la, la la la (at this point, King Julien learns it was Mort singing and says "Mort, stop it!") (Mort laughs)
  • Naughty me! (after Mort shoots Dubois in the buttocks with the tranquilizer dart gun)

The Penguins of Madagascar

  • And I love this popcorn! It's a little wet though. (All Choked Up)

All Hail King Julien

Conversations involving him

The Red Squirrel
(Mort is tied to a rope and is dunked in monkey toys)
Buck: Where's "The Red Squirrel"! Bring him up.
(He's brought up.) 
Buck: All right, pigeon. Sing for me!
Mort: Uhh, (singsong) I don't know where the Red Squirrel is,
      but this one time, I found a piece of red licorice.


Buck: You don't know anything about the Red Squirrel, huh?
(points to his tail.) 
Buck: That bushy tail of yours tells me different. And who else has
      a bushy tail? THE RED SQUIRREL!!!
(The penguins gasped.)
Mort: Oh, it's true. I do have a tail!

Dr. Blowhole's Revenge
(Mort has escaped the zoo and has just entered Dr. Blowhole's base to 
free King Julien)
(runs to Julien and grabs his feet)
Mort: I took the subway.
Julien: Mort, I am not even a prisoner. Oh, and by the way, NOT THE FEET!
(kicks Mort off)
Mort: Wheeeee... 
(hits security lock on a panel, releasing the trapped penguins)
*Skipper: (across room) Nice work, Sad Eyes!

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Okkuu   Other    




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