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Kowalski: Don't worry! This DNA analyser will establish once and for all our macho-manly-man-machismo! (pulls lever) Plus! That's a male result for Rico!
(Rico burps, makes armpit farts and punches Private)
Kowalski: Plus! That's a male result for Private too!
Private: (lying on back and waving arms) Yay!
Kowalski: (not even looking at the machine) I also am a plus... obviously.
Skipper: And a big old plus sign for me. Well, that's that.
(the sign is a minus. The other penguins gasp)
Skipper: What? You've never seen a plus sign so large and manly?

(while driving in the car)
Skipper: What's the hold up?!
Kowalski: Hang in there, Skipper! I'm sure the zoo must have a ladies' room somewhere! I've just... never really paid attention before...
Skipper: You know we could just stop and ask for directions- (car skids to a halt) WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?! CURSE YOU DNA!!!!

King Julien: Plans B through G are much too ridiculously dangerous. Plan H is that Mort goes down to the under-the-ground electrically-powered cables, and doesn't come out until the smoothie machine works again!
Mort: I like Plan H! Wheeeee! (jumps into sewer)
King Julien: Good, Mort! Now start pulling things out of other things and putting them into new things! I'm sure it will work itself out.

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