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Kowalski: Fortunes are mere superstition.
King Julien: Yes! These 'stitions' ARE super! That is why you must listen to them. This is a curse! Your friend has been given a Misfortune Cookie!
Private: A what?
King Julien: A Misfortune Cookie. It is like a regular fortune cookie, except it is filled with hate, and bile! And sugar. And evil!
Private: Oh! That doesn't sound good. Except for the sugar part.
King Julien: You need the sugar, or the bile will overwhelm the flavour. Anyway, it is only a matter of time before Chico-
Skipper: -Rico.
King Julien: -Rico, meets his foul end!
(Rico whimpers)

King Julien: Maurice, I worry about those penguins. What will make them believe in curses?
Maurice: Short of that penguin meeting a foul end? Nothing.
King Julien: Ah, but what if we made Freako-
Maurice: -Rico.
King Julien: Rico, meet a foul end? Then the penguins would believe!

King Julien: Tell me, flightless bird Pico-
All: -RICO!
King Julien: -Rico, why are you here?!

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