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0. (no photo) Harry -- Operation: Plush & Cover -- Alice mentions the name Harry while on a phone call in her office. He is evidently a zoo worker who is late all the time.
Malezookeeper 1. Unnamed -- Gone in a Flash -- Has a mustache and a large headset with a microphone. Pushes a dumpster around collecting garbage
Popcorncartguy 2. Popcorn Cart Guy -- Paternal Egg-Stinct -- Voiced by: Danny Jacobs -- Works at the zoo pushing a popcorn cart around
Hotdogguy 3. Hot Dog Guy -- Two Feet High and Rising -- Voiced by: n/a -- In addition to popcorn, there are also hot dogs available at the zoo. This guy pushes the cart and serves them
4. (no photo) Tangled in the Web: Guy heard talking to Alice through the walkie-talkie -- Voiced by: John DiMaggio

"Character"   Movies   Animals   Zoo Workers    



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