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1. "Bob": Happy King Julien Day! (Voiced by: n/a) -- King Julien named a paper horse pinata "Bob". He has candy guts


2. Space Squid: Lemur See, Lemur Do -- The Space Squid was first seen on the cover of a comic book that Skipper had. Only skipper was shown to believe that they actual existed. It was later revealed to be a real creature when one of its tentacles abducted the LEM R robot on national TV


3. Ghost Sheep: Two Feet High and Rising (Voiced by: Jeff Bennett) -- Mort dreams of these sheep jumping over a fence


4. Tasty Fish: Tangled in the Web (Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson) -- The fish that Private is trying not to eat starts talking to him saying how tasty it is.


5. Tourist: Gone in a Flash (Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson) -- Lost his camera and went back to the zoo to try to find it in the episode "Gone in a Flash". He is slightly balding and wears glasses and a cargo vest. He has another camera around his neck


6. Commercial: Launchtime (Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson) -- There was an ad for a $49.99 fish on the penguins TV. It was a "once in a lifetime opportunity"


7. Toy Factory Workers: Operation: Plush & Cover (Voiced by: n/a) -- Two of these guys appeared loading up a truck full of bad Mort dolls, a few more appeared back at the toy factory. They wear green uniforms with matching hats


8. CW Smith: Operation: Plush & Cover (Voiced by: n/a) -- The toy factory worker who signed for the delivery of bad Mort dolls at the factory when they came back. Was knocked unconscious by Rico. He has a patch on his arm that says "box boy"


9. Auto Insurance Salesman: Penguiner Takes All (Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson -- Was on a TV commercial asking if you paid too much for your auto insurance)


10. Annoying Crowd Guy: Tangled in the Web (Voiced by: Jeff Bennett) -- This guy made it a point to announce "Slippy's" debut to everyone that was already watching


11. Narrator for "Carnage of the Penguins" DVD documentary: All Choked Up (Voiced by: Jeff Bennett) -- The narrator for the animal documentary about penguins being killed in Antarctica


12. Boy with Popcorn: Popcorn Panic (Voiced by: Tara Strong) -- Was caught by Alice feeding popcorn to the animals


13. Fish Truck Driver: Go Fish -- The guy who drives the Fish E truck


14. Crane Operator: Roomies -- Works on the Manhattan shipping docks as the crane operator. Was knocked out by Kowalski


15. Chinese take out guy: Misfortune Cookie (Voiced by: Jeff Bennett) - Took the order for Chinese food over a payphone


16. Chinese food Delivery Guy: Misfortune Cookie (Voiced by: Danny Jacobs) -- Delivered Chinese food to the zoo animals


17. Balloon Holder: Skorca! -- There were a bunch of these guys holding the ropes for the giant balloon parade floats. Joey the kangaroo did battle with them


18. Smart Kid: Miss Understanding (Voiced by: Kari Wahlgren) -- A kid on a field trip to the zoo who knows way too much about the penguins and has to prove it by stating off facts to Alice


19. Radio Control Guy 1: Otter Gone Wild (Voiced by: Jeff Bennett) -- Flies remote control airplanes at the park. Was knocked out by the penguins


20. Radio Control Guy 2: Otter Gone Wild -- Flies remote control airplanes at the park. Was knocked out by the penguins


21. Little Girl: What Goes Around (Voiced by: Ariel Winter) -- This little girl lost her doll at the zoo but eventually got it back thanks to the penguins


22. Girl's Mom: What Goes Around (Voiced by: n/a) -- The mother of the little girl lost her doll at the zoo


23. Delivery Truck Driver: Monkey Love (Voiced by: James Patrick Stuart) -- Drives the delivery truck with live animals from the Hoboken zoo


24. Doorman: What Goes Around (Voiced by: James Patrick Stuart) -- Works as the front door man for an apartment building. Likes checking out pretty ladies. Was knocked out by the penguins


25. Soap Opera Doctor: I Was a Penguin Zombie -- This doctor was on a soap opera on TV


26. Soap Opera Nurse: I Was a Penguin Zombie (Voiced by: Mary Scheer) -- This is the doctors nurse assistant who was on a soap opera on TV


27. Apartment Security Guy: What Goes Around (Voiced by: John DiMaggio) -- Operates the closed circuit monitors for the apartment building security. Called animal control on the penguins. We only get to see his arm


28. School Bus Driver: Sting Operation -- The guy who drives the school bus full of children to the zoo


29. Kids -- The kid with the hat is named Vic (voiced by Tara Strong might be same kid as #12 and #18). The other one is his cousin (voiced by Grey DeLisle). They were seen in the episode Gator Watch


30. Screaming Lady in Park. She was seen in Gator Watch (voiced by: Grey DeLisle)


31. Graveyard 8 Driver: Concrete Jungle Survival (voiced by John DiMaggio)

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