The penguins must have an HQ controlling their positions on the team and their ranks. The penguins rank is barely known, but info leaked into the public later. This page will compile the penguin ranks and if there are any new characters that are penguins, they will be added.

Character Rank Where we learned it Note


  • Captain
  • Leader
  • Skipper
  • Commander


  • Commanding officer of the team, his rank is only assumed. He may have the rank of captain.


  • First Lieutenant
  • He is the confirmed second in command of the team. His Serial # is 860-NBA-MN.


  • Demolition Specialist
  • Sergeant
  • Quartermaster

Skipper's Log children's book

  • His does not act as an officer and cannot be. It is possible he is the rank of corporal.


  • Private
  • Promoted to Private First Class.

Buck Rockgut

  • Special Agent
  • His rank has to be above the penguins seeing his apparent age, he may have the rank of colonel or major. And since Skipper told his full name including his rank which is Special Agent then he must be sent on special missions.

Uncle Nigel

  • Super Secret Agent
  • Said to be the world's greatest penguin agent by The Red Squirrel himself.


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