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Operation Code Names

  • N/A

Rico Regurgitates

  • N/A

Options (given by Kowalski)

  • N/A

Kowalski's Inventions

  • N/A

King Julien Saves The Day

  • N/A

Movie References/Parodies

  • Casablanca (1942) -- Private says to Cupid, "If that sleigh leaves and you're not with Santa, you'll regret it."
  • Peter Pan (1953) -- Cupid says "think happy thoughts" while Private is trying to fly to land.
  • Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope (1977) -- As the penguins bring in Santa's sleigh for a landing, Skipper twice repeats the phrase "Stay on target!" in the same manner as Gold Five in the attack on the Death Star.

Referenced In

  • Rockman Axess Beast(Episode 1) -- At the end of Merry Madagascar, Melman is seen skating horribly as horrible as NumberMan.

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