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  • Melman and his voice, David Schwimmer
  • Melman and Gloria finally become a couple (Concept Art)
  • Melman and Gloria's circus act
  • Gloria saves Melman from the volcano
  • Left - Right, Young Marty, Young Gloria and Young Melman
  • Alex Marty and Melman watch a disturbing nature documentary on lions
  • Melman practicing his juggling while watching Gloria dance
  • Melman animatronic in "Madagascar: A Crate Adventure" ride in Universal Studios: Singapore
  • Gloria trying to stop Melman from sacrificing himself
  • "It wasn't the doctors that kept me going. It was you, seeing you everyday, that's what kept me going."
  • Melman gives Moto Moto instructions on how to treat Gloria
  • Melman catches Alex sucking his thumb
  • Julien consoles a depressed Melman
  • Melman in his Witch Doctor garb
  • Alex's Reunion with his parents (Concept Art)
  • Alex's Reunion with his parents (Concept Art)
  • Alex's reunion with his parents (concept art)
  • Melman, getting ready to sacrifice himself (concept art)
  • Melman and Gloria's moment is interrupted (concept art)
  • Melman meme
  • Melman Meme
  • Melman Meme
  • Melman Meme
  • Melman Meme
  • Melman Meme
  • Concept Art
  • Melman and Gloria in Italy (Concept Art)
  • Concept Art
  • Gloria teaches Melman how to dance on a tightrope
  • Melman and Gloria were not happy with the zoo's renovations!
  • Gloria helps Melman after he gets himself stuck on a tightrope
  • Jada Pinkett Smith records one of Gloria's scenes with Melman
  • David Schwimmer presents Melman at the Circus

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other    



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