Welcome to Madagascar!: PLEASE READ

by: Deb1701, edited on 25th July 2017 by Brendan Boman

  • 1) Please only add new categories if needed.
  • 2) Please DO NOT change the order of the episodes.
  • 3) If adding a PRODUCTION NUMBER, please cite the link where you found that info in the SUMMARY section of your edit.
  • 4) Movies/Specials: Season number is 0 (Unless it is a special season episode ie: Dr Blowhole), and they are numbered in the order they are set not the order they are created. Which is why A Christmas Caper is numbered before the first Madagascar movie, and Merry Madagascar is listed before Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
  • 5) The Series: The order is taken from Nickelodeon's original airing of the episode.

If you have any questions please leave me a message on my wall.


New Translation Feature

by: Brendan Boman, 6th August, 2017
Hello Community!
To help our friends from all across the world who aren't too fluent in English, we're making translated pages for the Madagascar Wiki so they can read the translated pages and understand things better. But we still need your help. If you are fluent in any other language other than English, please help us translate these pages. Follow what I have done here for the Malay language: For the translated pages, instead of writing "Terjemahan Melayu", replace it with your language's version of "(language name) Translation". And don't forget to always say what you edited in the summary. Every help counts, and we'll always appreciate your help. Thanks,

Brendan Boman — Admin:
Please message me if you need any assistance

12:36, August 6, 2017 (UTC)

We need your help!

by: Brendan Boman, 25th July 2017
Hello Community!
After both, Anna and I were picked as the new administrators, we can finally get this Wiki running smoothly again. But even though we both are now admins, we still need your help. A lot of things are either outdated, or incomplete, or even both. We need your help in:

  • 1) Categorising TPoM episodes as 'The Penguins of Madagascar Episodes'
  • 2) Categorising AHKJ episodes as 'All Hail King Julien Episodes'
  • 3) Adding episodes information
  • 4) Adding characters information

We will still try to do our best in doing all these things, but your help will be appreciated. Thanks,

Brendan Boman — Admin:
Please message me if you need any assistance

13:13, July 25, 2017 (UTC)

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