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  • (introducing King Julien) Presenting your Royal Highness, the illustrious King Julien XIII, self proclaimed Lord of the Lemurs, etc., etc., hurray everybody.
  • (to the lemurs about Alex) Does anyone wonder why the Fossa were so scared of Mr. Alex? I mean, maybe we should be scared too. What if Mr. Alex is evan worst that the fossa?! I'm telling you that dude just gives me the heebiedabajeebies.
  • Your friend here is what we call a delux model hunting and eating machine. And he eats steak. Which is you (to Marty, Melman, and Gloria).

Merry Madagascar

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

  • "What a waste."
  • "What are you afraid of? You're a dead man anyway. Come on." (to Melman after he said he never tell Gloria how he felt about her)

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

  • (after Julien asks if he can pull the switch yet) No.
  • Just pull the switch!
  • (seeing Dubois right on their tails in the van) Crazy woman gaining!
  • (seeing the scary things in Sonya's train car) Definitely coach.
  • That's how you do it!

The Penguins of Madagascar

All Hail King Julien

Conversations involving him

  • Maurice: Mort sure likes that game.
  • King Julien: Yes. It keeps Mort from annoying me by touching the royal feet, so I love it too.
  • King Julien: I do not love it!
  • Maurice: I thought you hated the foot touching.
  • King Julien: I do, but I love savagely rejecting Mort. It makes me feel kingly. But how am I to feel kingly now?
  • Maurice: Uh, the crown? The throne? The big fits of the crazies?
  • King Julien: Yes, those help, but the rejecting Mort... ah, that's the sweet stuff, man.

  • King Julien: Maurice, my yoyoyo is broken!
  • Maurice: Yo-yo. Two yos.
  • King Julien: Mine has three yos, maybe more, but it is broken, so no-yos.
  • Maurice: [Takes yo-yo and does tricks with it] No, its fine. You just need practice.
  • King Julien: Practice is for those who are not perfect.

  • King Julien: Maurice, who is disturbing my royal rest? Who? Who?!
  • Mort: Oh! Is it the penguin in the car? Because I think it might be the penguin in the car.
  • Maurice: Um, can I go back to bed now?
  • King Julien: No! I demand you punish him savagely.
  • Maurice: And exactly just how am I supposed to punish him? [Rico smashes the car] I mean, you know, other than doing that which I totally just did.

  • King Julien: Maurice, those penguins are going to meet Marlene's new boyfriend.
  • Maurice: Huh. Good for her.
  • King Julien: No, not good for her. She already has a boyfriend.
  • Maurice: She does?
  • King Julien: Yes, silly. It's me!
  • Maurice: You? Let me guess. Marlene doesn't know you're her boyfriend, does she?
  • King Julien: Well, I have been meaning to mention it to her. But it is clear to me now that I must step up my wooing.
  • Maurice: All right. We'll need flowers, some candy...
  • King Julien: No, Maurice! The only way to win this competition is to eliminate the other competition.
  • Maurice: All right. Well need a sack, a club, some rope...
  • King Julien: Yes, Maurice! Now you are thinking romantically.

Jungle Law

  • Maurice: (puts on a tie and clears his throat) All hail King Julien! Case closed.
  • (Mort opens the case from inside)
  • Mort: Case open! Hee hee hee... (Maurice slams the case shut) Ooh!

The Penguin Stays In the Picture

  • Maurice: Skipper, you gotta help me! Mort's missing!
  • (Skipper turns to Maurice. He's seen in a cowboy hat and fake sheriff star, posing in front of a mirror. He tosses everything away, breaking the mirror. Maurice approaches him with a half eaten ice pop)
  • Maurice: Look, he only ate half his icy pop!
  • Skipper: So?
  • Maurice: Let me say that again. He only ate half his icy pop!

Gone in a Flash

  • King Julien: (Julien takes Maurice's banana and eats it) Nicely done, Maurice. Now peel me a grape.
  • Maurice: But that was...
  • King Julien: (interrupts him) Grape, Maurice. Grape, not lip.
  • (Maurice grumbles angrily)

The Helmet

  • Private: (pointing up) Look!
  • (Maurice comes swinging on a rope. He dives into the eye of the telekinetic storm to King Julien)
  • Maurice: Your majesty, I am here to help.
  • (He tries to remove the Helmet)
  • Julien: (confused) And you are?
  • Maurice: Maurice! I used to work for you. As recently as this afternoon.
  • Julien: Now that you mentioned it, your face does ring a bell.
  • (A bell hits Maurice on the head)

Assault and Batteries

  • Maurice is lying down, drinking a smoothie with a twisty straw. Mort is still dancing.
  • Maurice: Mort, what are you doing?
  • Mort: (tiredly) I’m dancing.
  • Maurice: Give it a rest. Julien has no way of knowing if we’re dancing or not.
  • Mort: (claps his hands together with happiness) Oh, you’re right.

(The three batteries Julien threw hit them on their heads.)

  • Maurice: (scared) He knows! He knows! (They start dancing again really fast.)

Huffin and Puffin

  • Maurice: What's going on there?
  • King Julien: It looks like someone is sacrificing the penguins to the volcano. Eh, these things happen.

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