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  • Both Phil and Mason can play checkers.
  • It is stated in the first movie and the series that Mason can't read. However, in his first appearance in the movie, he is seen reading a newspaper. Also, in Eclipsed, he can read the words "TOTAL ECLIPSE TODAY" on the newspaper.
  • He and Phil may lose some things in translating.
    • Misfortune Cookie has Phil and Mason translating 'foul' end, while Rico meets a 'fowl' end, although this might also be because the text was damaged from Rico chewing on it.
    • Happy King Julien Day! where Mason misinterprets "booger" for "sugar".
  • In Truth Ache, it is revealed that he's originally from Canada and not England. It's possible that either one or both Mason's parents were originally from England and that he picked up the from them.
  • In Madagascar, he has lighter colored fur.
  • In later episodes Mason becomes more hostile and aggressive towards the penguins though this could be because of the penguins
  • Mason and Phil love flinging poo at people (faintly at famous people or events) though this could be because it's tradition
  • Alice sometimes lies to the kids saying if the chimps smile it means they want to eat you (which is really not true)

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other    



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