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  • Phil. Wake up, you filthy monkey.
  • I say!
  • I heard Tom Wolfe is speaking at Lincoln Center.
  • Well of course we're going to throw poo at him!
  • If you have any poo, fling it now!
  • Ship to Kenya. Wildlife Preserve Africa!

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

  • I believe that's checkmate! (playing checkers whith Phil)
  • Phil! I should wash your hands out with soap. (when Phil does a bad sign language at the Penguins.)
  • That won't be necessary! We've recruited a few extra thumbs for you, Skipper. (When he and Phil recruited a lot of monkeys for the Penguins.)
  • All right, but you're so darn ugly. (before he kisses Skipper)
  • The plane won't be fixed until the suits meet our demands. Now, about maternity leave.
  • Maybe a certain someone wouldn't want these blowing around on the savanna. (blackmailing Skipper)
  • He said let's have some fun and take out the dam. Basset hound. (wrongly transferring Alex's message to Marty.)
  • They say no pull up. Kill us. There's no other way. Basset hound. (wrongly transferring Alex's message to Marty again.)

Madagascar Europe's Most Wanted

  • (to Alex) What's new, pussy cat?
  • Yes, we'll, I'm afraid of labor laws are slightly more lenient in France. You see, they only have to work two weeks a year.
  • There's an angry mob outside, and they're demanding their money back!

The Penguins of Madagascar

  • "Phil, I don't know how to break this to you. There is no checkmate in checkers." (Needle Point)
  • "You groom your mother with those hands?!" (Needle Point, when Phil swears through sign language)

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other    



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