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Private: (to Skipper) Do you smell bacon?
(Kowalski realizes he's left the electrical paddles on)
Kowalski: RICO!
Rico: (being electrocuted) DABULABAGUH!

Julien: So, Mr. Pen-gu-ins. When are you going to be dispensing the red hot justice? (aside) There is something odder about the otter.
Marlene: (real upset) Yeah, I'm right here, okay? (Julien motions towards her)
Skipper: Let's not rush to judgements. My team will conduct a careful and thorough investigation, then when all the facts are in we'll-
(Rico leaps into the room and starts shouting gibberish)
Kowalski: Someone stole our TV?!
Skipper: Then we're gonna nail this thief to the wall!

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