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Operation Code Names


Rico Regurgitates

  • Pay Phone -- To shut Private up when he tried to talk Rico out of getting Princess Miss Perky.
  • Playing Cards -- To rebuild Private's house of cards after he knocked it down.
  • Fish -- After eating their picnic, only to spit it back out again when Skipper threatened him with the jar.
  • Dynamite Sticks/Black "cartoon" Bombs/Grenades -- During his uncontrolled insanity riot at the sight of the Princess Miss Perky ad.
  • Flamethrower -- To rebuff the Lemurs' kidnap of Miss Perky, quickly abandoned after Skipper yelled at him.
  • Crowbar -- To rebuff the Lemurs' kidnap of Miss Perky, also abandoned.
  • Pillow -- To rebuff said attack. This didn't work for long.
  • Mallet -- To attack the toy castle that the Lemurs were hiding in.
  • 3 More Dynamite Sticks -- To blow up boxes of marbles so his jar would fill o the brim.

Options (given by Kowalski)


Kowalski's Inventions


King Julien Saves The Day

Arguable, although Julien did start the whole mess that resulted in Rico's berserk rage by stealing Ms Perky, he did hand her back preventing Rico from destroying everything. Then again, Rico was threatening him with the male doll's ripped-off leg, so it's hard to say.

Movie References/Parodies


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