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Makunga is the main antagonist of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa in it's video game adaption. He is Alex's nemesis and Zuba's grand vizer-turned-rival who wants to take his place as alpha lion. He chases Alex and Zuba all over Africa and caught up with them after The War of Africa. He calls Alex a pathetic excuse of a son. He is calm, sweet, nice, positive and zen. At the end, he is bad, ruthless, villainous, murderous, evil, mysterious, power-hungry, vile, mean and dangerous.

Makunga would often challenge Zuba to fights over the alpha lion position, but would be easily beaten. One of those fights led to Zuba being unaware of Alex being captured by poachers.

Makunga then used Alex, years later, to finally reach the rank of alpha lion. However, he is not a very good leader, saying the only solution to the fact that the local water hole was nearly dry was that they all would "Have to fight for it." This causes doubt about his role as alpha lion, and almost every animal on the reserve wants Zuba back. After the water was back, he tells Zuba and Alex that they were still banished.

Makunga eventually meets his downfall when being tricked into angering Nana, who was originally mad at Alex (and consequently treated him like she does Alex). However, the DVD commentary reveals that "Nana brought Makunga to New York in a kitty cage".


  • Makunga is similar to the following villains:
    • Creek from Trolls.
      • Both work for kings (Zuba and King Peppy).
      • Both were the star of the film, who was also the son of kings (Poppy and Alex).
      • Both were also considered to be good people.
      • Both work with the main villain (Chef and Nana).
      • Both later betray the protagonist and leave them for dead (Makunga betrays Alex to be burnt by people whilst Creek leaves Poppy and the other Trolls to be eaten by Bergens).
      • Both get defeated by the protagonist at the finale
      • Both later get their comeuppance (Makunga is sent to NYC by Nana whilst Creek is eaten alive by a large monster).
    • Tzekel-Kan from The Road to El Dorado.
      • Both were originally loyal to a royal official (Zuba and Chief Tannabok).
      • Both later betrayed their own kind (Lions and People of El Dorado).
      • Both worked alongside a powerful figure, only to get betrayed in the end (Nana and Hernan Cortes).
    • Lola from Shark Tale.
      • Both are a DreamWorks antagonist.
      • Both are rivals of the protagonist's friend (Marty and Angie)
      • Both work for the main antagonist (Don Lino and Nana)
    • Rapunzel from Shrek the 3rd.
      • Both were allies of royalty (Zuba and Fiona)
      • Both later turn against their masters and join forces with the primary antagonist (Nana and Prince Charming).
    • Zigzag from The Thief and the Cobbler.
      • Both are Grand Viziers who eventually betray their superiors.
      • Both ultimately allied with and became subservient to more dangerous villains (Makunga: Nana, Zigzag: King Mighty One-Eye).

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Look on the bright side Zuba after I defeat you and take over as Alpha Lion you’ll have more time to spend with your pothetic excuse of a son!

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