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Skipper: You pillow fight like a bunch of little girls!
(Rico jumps from behind and hits Skipper with a pillow that went through him and feathers are flying.)
Skipper: Chimichanga! These pillows are filled with baby birds!

Skipper: Kowalski, status report.
Kowalski: The good news is this song is almost over.
Skipper: (sarcastically) Well that's music to my ears.

Alex: Marty, what phase are we at?
Marty: Uh, Phase 3: Apologize!

Alex: Right. (to Skipper) Oh man, we are so sorry.
Skipper: Well, apology accepted. Let's roll!
Alex: Marty! We skipped phase 2! We didn't chew them out!
Marty: Don't look at me! I'm just following the leader!

Skipper: (the zoosters panic because no one's at the wheel) Don't just sit there, fancy-pants. Grab the wheel!
Alex: Are you kidding? I don't drive, I'm a New Yorker!
Marty: Move over, Miss Daisy!

Alex: What are you doing? Zebras can't drive! Only penguins and people can drive!
Marty: What do all these buttons do? (pushes a button which turns on the radio, "Any Way You Want it" is heard)
Melman: Help me! (the car flips over lands on the roof and turns right-side up)
Skipper: Nice one, stripes!

Melman: (after the plane crash landed) Why can't we ever just make a normal landing?

Julien: Hey, this lady's starting to freak me out! Fix it, Mort! (kicks Mort on to Dubois)

Marty: (About Dubois) Alex, be careful! She's crazy!
Alex: You think, Marty?

Marty: Da da da da da da da da circus. Da da da da da da da da afro. Circus, afro. Circus afro. Polka-dot, polka-dot, polka-dot, afro!
Alex: (flatly) Really?

Marty: (after Alex and Gia are seen in a compromising position) You call this layin' low?

Alex: Stefano! You know that "blown away" means "good", right?
Stefano: Don't worry. The big finale is-a coming up!

Gia: They are circus. And circus stick together.

Skipper: (when kid was shoved up Manu's butt) Well that was worth the price of admission!

Vitaly: How one to have passion for stool poked in face?
Marty: Exactly! And by "stool" you mean "chair", right?

Marty: Now they're playin' Vegas! Fifty shows a day in fifty-two separate venues! And one of them completely in the nude!
Alex: That's right! And you know how they did it?
Stefano: Take off their clothes?
Alex: ...... No. They got rid of the animals!
(all animals gasp)
Marty: Say it ain't so!

Marty: (about the cannon filled with dynamite) Are you really gonna shoot yourself out of that thing?
Stefano: I've always dreamed of doing this from the time I was a little pup: to be a human cannonball! Except you know... a sea lion cannonball.
Marty: Is it dangerous?
Stefano: Is it dangerous? YES, OF COURSE IT IS DANGEROUS!
Marty: Now, are you sure about this?
Stefano: I'm-a sure!
Marty: Cause if blown up is your thing, then you in the right place.
Stefano: Si! That means "yes"!

Skipper: Unleash the seal!
Stefano: I am a sea lion!
Skipper: Whatever.

Marty: I was flying! I was effin' ell y'ing!

Gia: (to Alex) I admired of how you inspired all these animals.
Alex: Oh thanks.
Gia: And what you said about the passion it was like poetry.
Alex: Oh I love passion and poetry. They go together, except they don't rhyme.
Gia: Trapeze is my passion.
Alex: Terrific. I'll look forward to seeing you.
Gia: You can teach me!
Alex: What?
Gia: Teach me.
Alex: Oh, you know, I've been a solo act so that definitely rules that out.
Gia: I wonder if you actually do trapeze.
Alex: Oh, I actually do do trapeze.
Gia: Show me!
Alex: "Show me"? What are we, five?
Gia: I am five, yes!

Maurice: (seeing Dubois driving furiously behind them) Crazy woman gaining!
Gia: (to Alex) Look, lion guy. This circus means everything to us. And if you do anything that threatens the circus, you will have to answer to me. Capiche?
Alex: Yeah, I capiche. Cool. Trust me. We're cool.

Marty: (to Dubois, who pulls up next to the car, during the chase) Hi, officer. Is there a problem?
Alex: Hi.

Vitaly: (to Alex) I was once a brave tiger, and if I go down in flames, *laughs* so be it!
DuBois: Poor, poor animals you should not have left the forest. Now you deal with me.
Melman: (about DuBois) She's on the roof!
Skipper: (after getting rid of Dubois) Good job, Private.
Private: Did I do good?
Skipper: Nah, not really.
DuBois: (To Stefano) I will have your head!

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