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Operation Code Names

  • Operation: Afro Circus Rescue -- To save the four heroes from the Zoo.

Rico Regurgitates

  • Roll of Euros --
  • Match -- For the cannon numerous times.

Options (given by Kowalski)

Kowalski's Inventions

  • Nuclear Reactor (pronounced nucular, as Skipper points out to a horrified Gloria) --  Serves to give the L.A.R.V. a turbo boost.

King Julien Saves The Day

  • Saved the Madagascar Gang: When shot by DuBois when at the zoo, he managed to get to the circus and tell them what was going on.

Movie References/Parodies

  • Mission Impossible -- The manner in which Alex, tied to a rope, attempts to infiltrate the casino is a parody of the similar, famous scene in MI.
  • The Polar Express-- When Stefano asks Alex to follow him, they both run on the circus trains roof. Then the train reaches a tunnel and Alex jumps off into a train car. 
  • Lord of the Rings -- The recurring motif of a flaming ring representing the ring that Vitaly failed to jump through seems reminiscent of a similar motif in LOTR.
  • Star Wars -- DuBois wields her snare like a light-saber against the onslaught of a chimpanzee-manned banana gun.
  • The Matrix -- In the aforementioned banana gun scene, DuBois goes into bullet time, slices the first shot into two and dodges the second onslaught before striking back.
  • Madagascar -- DuBois and her men were in crates (and this time headed for Madagascar) the same way Alex, Gloria, Marty and Melman were in the first film.
  • Star Trek -- At the beginning, the penguins warp out.
  • Jaws -- An excerpt of the main theme plays when DuBois is sniffing out the animals outside the Monte Carlo casino.

Referenced In...

  • Wipeout -- While announcing a challenge that is jungle themed, John Henson said that those who lose the challenge will be sent off the coast of Africa along with a giraffe, a zebra, a lion, and a hippo.


  • In the movie, Alex will be getting a girlfriend (Gia).
  • It will show Rico getting his scar and mohawk.
  • There's a character in this movie named Baby Kitty, who's going to be voiced by Bella Perryman.
  • Marlene might come out in the movie.
  • The old lady Nana might return and confront Alex in a epic fight once again.
  • Zuba and Florrie will show up again.

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