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Private: (gets annoyed with Marlene rambling scared while driving her with Kowalski's Persona Disentanglizer to SuperMax.) I swore I'd never used it again... (turns to Marlene and uses his Hypercute on her) Boosh!
Marlene: AHHHH!!! What are you doing?! You trying to freak me out? Well, good job, because you did!

Skipper: It was the perfect plan except for, uh... except for... (whispers) Line.
Rico: (reads the script) "One small detail."
Skipper: Right. It was the perfect plan, except for one small detail: the open mustard jar. 
Marlene: Hey guys!
Skipper:  Howdy Ho! Marlene.
Private: RICO, Could Marlene be our next victim?
Rico: Umm..... Okay!
Marlene: Wait! What?!
Kowalski: Its Enrico's Blade and fifteen pounds!
Marlene: Well, Gachy Title. Anyway Do you know what is this?! (show the poster)
Kowalski: Fifteen percent otters?
Marlene: Its Enrico Guitaro!
Private: Who plays the spanish guitar, Its your absolutely favourite!
Marlene: He's play at the concert tonight! I can't go obviously.
Kowalski: Because when you leave the zoo (show the note) your terrorist savage and turned into.. scary.

Skipper:(about Officer X) He's a vexer.

Officer X: Stand back (opens door and looks confused) WHAT THE...?

Rico looks confusedly at X, burps and waddles out into the hall in front of the cameras and off-screen to exit the building, leaving a bewildered X to stare in disbelief

Chuck Charles: It would appear that this is indeed the Officer X who is obsessed with penguins, so obsessed that he snatched an innocent penguin from the zoo and try to pass it off as the Littlefoot, SICK!

Madam: Not Officer X! (tear Officer X's name tag) just X! And you're fired!

Officer X: I hate penguins.

Private: What do we do now?

Kowalski: We cry like babies as we're torn limb from limb!

(The littlefoot jumps over the penguins and turned saw Marlene, stare at her and copycat.)

Kowalski: Interesting! the creature seems to be phollow and its double gaitor.

Skipper: Well Professor Molzezellabull take your shot!

General   OnLine   Lists   Trivia   Quotes   Photos   Other   Transcript    

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