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Skipper: Officially, you have no idea what we're doing here.
Marlene: Yeah. Unofficially too.

Julien: I can taste the taste of victory. It is yummy in my tummy.

Kowalski: Are you challenging us to a race?
Julien: Am I? Yes! You understand what I am doing before I am even doing it!

Kowalski: Cool cars go faster. That's a scientific fact.
Skipper: Gentlemen, our car is officially boss.

Skipper: Our car's not babyish!
Kowalski: It is strategically... adorable.

Julien: Winner gets the loser's car.
Private: Why would you want two cars?
Julien: One for commuting, one for weekend errands around town.
Skipper: Better stock up on subway tokens. We race tonight at 12 o'clock!
Julien: Make it... midnight! Wait, wait. When's my pedicure?
Maurice: Midnight.
Julien: Can we make it 12:15? Does 12:15 work for you?
(Kowalski looks at his board and nods to Skipper)
Skipper: Fine. 12:15.

Julien: So, did that sticky them up? Tell me yes.
Maurice: Um, okay. Yes.
Julien: Yes! Wait. Maurice, are you just telling me what I want to hear?
Maurice: Yes.
Julien: Yes! Wait... no!

Kowalski: You, simian! You cost us the race. You can't go around flinging banana peels around willy-nilly!
Mason: Well, he's got you there, Phil. It's not like poo. There are consequences.

Mason: It's a lovely night for a race. So lovely, I might not fling any poo.
(Phil signs)
Mason: Oh, all right, Phil. We can watch the race and fling poo. Just like we did in Talladega.

Skipper: Course is ready to roll.
(One of the cones starts to move)
Kowalski: Oh, for pity's sake! If the cones are going to move by themselves, why do I measure?
(the cone pops up; Marlene was underneath)
Marlene: Guys, what you doing?
Skipper: Marlene!? Who was on cone stowaway duty?
(Kowalski points at Private, Private points at Rico and Rico points at Kowalski)

Julien: (in the penguins' car) Hey, does this thing have a seat warmer? because my bottem gets a bit freezing, (looks at a button, with him drawn on it) Hey! look! Me on a pushey button. (pushes it and his seat propels him out of the car)
Skipper: Kowalski?
Kowalski: 'Lemur rejecting seat', my own personal touch.
Skipper: Sweet!

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