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  • Did I mention that you feel me with blind rage.
  • And just what exactly are we watching?
  • You guys don't get enough violence during the day? Need to watch it at night too?
  • (Bomb barely misses him) Oh. Oh, thank goodness that was a close one. (Bomb explodes)

ahhh, what is this whats happening don't touch my spline

  • Private: I was just trying to help.
  • Leonard: You call this helping? What's your idea of not helping?
  • Skipper: You don't want to know.

  • Private: We're just trying to help.
  • Leonard: Help? You want to help? Then don't help!
  • Skipper: We don't take orders, we give orders.
  • Kowalski: Yes, that is the traditional rescuer-rescuee relationship.

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