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Episode based

  • The "LEM-R" box has a space ship on it traveling to a red planet.
  • Skipper stirs his "hot cup of Joe" with a fish.
  • Operation "Mock Julien" is still in the lab and is only at mock 2. Skipper would like to get to mock 8 before implementation.
  • The LEM-R robot was designed to learn how to be a lemur before being sent to Mars on an exploration mission.
  • Rico and Private know how to play chess.
  • Skipper has a comic book for "Space Squids" that shows a squid in space attacking a rocket.
  • King Julien has added "Two-lien" and "Me-leven" to the normal number lineup in his counting.
  • The patented penguins moves are "Motor strike", "Roundhouse Square" and "Combo Punch".
  • Lemmy knows martial arts and has rockets in his feet that allow him to fly.
  • The penguins have a coffee maker and a timer.
  • LEM-R cost a billion dollars
  • The TV news reporter sounds like Walter Cronkite.
  • Even though a space squid captures Lemmy on Mars He appears alive in Alienated.The space squid can also be heard roaring(although faintly).
  • In this episode, it is shown how enthusiastic Kowalski is about the idea of getting a robot.
  • The title card art parodies, the 1982 blockbuster, E.T The Extraterrestrial.
  • The name LEM-R, comes from the Disney Pixar Movie, WALL-E.

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • Continuity Error: During the part when Private and Rico are playing chess, the chess board disappears.
  • When King Juilen is about to say goodbye to Lemmy, Lemmy's eyebrows were breifly missing.

Behind the Scenes

DVD Releases

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