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The Lead Reindeer is the leader of the Santa's reindeer. His name is never revealed.

Merry Madagascar

He is first seen along with the other reindeer facing off with the penguins who claim that Santa used to be based in the South Pole and that the reindeer lured him away to the North Pole with candy canes and cheap Elf labour, but the lead reindeer argues that Santa choose the North Pole fair and square. Since then, the two species have been enemies.

When asked by the gang to help them deliver the presents, he says that they only take orders from Santa and sarcastically tells them to use the penguins instead before leaving with the other reindeer and calling for Cupid to come as well. He is later seen with the other reindeer relaxing on the beach before seeing the gang arrive back from delivering Santa's presents in the sleigh being pulled by the penguins who used magic dust to fly.

He is last seen leaving Madagascar with Santa and the other reindeers.

Physical strength

Coming soon!

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