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Andy Fairfax is a character from All Hail King Julien.


In Get Off My Lawn, Pancho, Andy's less intelligent partner in crime, tells King Julien and Maurice that he knows someone who can help them with home security, and mentions that he met him (Andy) at a "summer camp for grownups that lasted three to five years." Andy then introduces himself to King Julien and Maurice and offers them dangerous scorpions, which King Julien eagerly accepts. When the scorpions later take over the kingdom, Andy flees the scene, calling them all "suckers" and laughing.

In The All Hail King Julien Show, he is shown in a commercial advertising scorpions for children; blue for boys and pink for girls. The scorpions however end up attacking the kids and he then, with an annoyed look on his face, closes up his suitcase and begins to walk away. Andy mentions that the crocodiles have more shows, therefore, more opportunity. Later, after the kingdom is hooked on watching Julien Vision, Andy and Pancho talk about how all the distracted Lemurs and unlocked doors are perfect opportunities for burglaries. Andy later tells Pancho in their cave of loot that they make a good team and that it's just like old times while Xixi spies on them. After Xixi gets her show back, she reports Andy and Pancho and they are later shown on her show being escorted out of the cave by Clover as the people take back their stuff. Andy is last shown playing a creepy character on one of the crocodiles' shows, starring Pancho and co-starring Mort.


Andy is a charismatic, charming, smooth-talker, though he doesn't always put these qualities to good use, often conning people and charming them out of their sense for personal gain. He however has a tendency to be obnoxious, such as when he laughed and flew away after his scorpions took over the kingdom, and his overall proud attitude about his dishonest nature.


Pancho: Andy and Pancho have been partners in crime for a long time and they seem to have a fairly close relationship. Pancho however sometimes tends to feel disturbed by things he says and does.

King Julien: King Julien was quick to trust Andy, despite his awareness of Andy's shady characteristics.