The LEM-R Manhunt was a hide-&-seek hunt by King Julien XIII to find his robotic self.

Background Information

LEM-R was a NASA robot built to copy a lemur's moves & take the copied data & knowledge into space, it was built for a mission to visit Mars.


  • Under King Julien XIII: King Julien acquired LEM-R & named the robot, however, while training it how to dance, The Penguins believed Julien made a mistake.
  • Thievery: The Penguins stole LEM-R as Julien counted in Hide-&-Seek with Mort.

Julien's Point of Views

  • Searching for LEM-R (aka LEMMY): Julien searched for "Lemmy" everywhere, but failed, he searched & never found LEM-R
  • Julien found Mort, but Mort soon said he might never see LEM-R again, But Julien didn't buy that LEM-R might never be seen.
  • Interrogation: Julien eventually began to tickle Mort to force him to reveal where LEM-R was, However, Mort laughed & didn't speak, Just before he was about to expose where LEM-R was, Julien heard & saw an explosion from the Penguin Habitat.
  • Depression: Julien learned the Penguins accidentally destroyed LEM-R & went into a state of depression where he thought he'd be ignorantly sad, but never again happy.

Penguins' Points of Views

The Penguins trained LEM-R moves, but LEM-R refused to learn & attacked the Penguins when Skipper refused to let LEM-R go back to Julien, ending up on destroying himself.


Julien's robot was fixed, but was ambushed by space squids when landing on Mars.