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Kowalski: All power lines run directly under the lemur habitat, right next to 
          these water pipes. Theoretically...
Private: Maurice has shut down power and water to all the habitats. He can 
         control everything now!
Kowalski: Wow. My theory was just about jerry-rigging a giant make-shift hot 
          tub. This is much worse.

Skipper: What's your sick and twisted game, Maurice?
Maurice: That's King Maurice, ruler of all I survey! Surrender to my supreme
         and mighty power!
Skipper: Well, that's going to be a bit of a problem. You see, I don't know 
         the meaning of the word surrender.
Kowalski: Surrender is a verb, Skipper. It means to give up or yield... Oh, I
          see. Here' I'll do it myself.
[Slaps himself]

Skipper: Listen up, lemur. Maurice ate those bad nuts. He went off the deep
Kowalski: He's turned the lemur habitat into an armed fortress.
Private: He's enslaved the entire zoo!
Julien: I cannot be believing my ears. Maurice ate my lychee nuts!

Maurice: But there has to be somebody for me to advise. There has to be a 
[Skipper puts Julien's crown on Maurice's head]
Skipper: Ring-a-ding-ding, you're a king.
Maurice: What? I can't be the king! I'm just the king's right hand man. And 
         when the right hand man becomes the man, then the king is left with 
         no right...
Skipper: Listen up, lemur. Until Julien comes back, someone has to step up and
         take charge.
Maurice: But I...
Skipper: It's either you or Sad-eyes.
[Points at Mort, who is crying and swaying until he falls over]
Maurice: All right. But Julien will always be our one and only king.

Private: But if you're all cured, why are you still in the hospital?
Julien: Because this vibrating bed is awesome!

  • (the penguins and Julien are hurrying to get back to the zoo. The penguins used the toilet and Julien stays behind. Skipper pops out.)
  • Skipper: What're you waiting for, Ringtail?
  • Julien: Who, me? I am going to be taking the royal secret passage. (knocks a pattern, revealing a passage) But if you rather the potty, hey, far be it from me to keep a penguins from water. See you later. (pushes the lever, flushing the penguins as he goes through the passage)
  • Skipper: Wait! We didn't know-!

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